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Great food but...can you have more vegetarian sandwiches?

Hi - We've started to feature panini specials every day. We do a fabulous oven-roasted portobello mushroom panini at least once a week. We also have soup -- and many are vegetarian! Check here for daily specials, or just give us a call at 540-0060.

It took the internet for me to find you. I got your notice in the WHBW mailing and remembered Oh! yes that bakery opened but we don't know where it is. So with out the address we went looking for you and were sure you must be in the old scrumptious bakery, there were people there but it had another name. So when all else fails we end at Mirrabelle's.

Now we know where you are and your menu sounds very nice we be down.

I love the salad a lot.


more vegetarian options on sandwiches pleeeease. I love AF but think Veggie options are worth expanading on considering demographic.

perhaps keep portobello sand as a permanet fixture?????

Hi Joan -- Good suggestions! We'll most likely expand closer to summer. We use homemade veggie stock for all soups, and there's always always a vegetarian soup on the daily menu (sometimes two, like today!), and our breads are vegan.

Hi Joan - Were you the Joan who posted the review regarding vegetarian selections on SevenDays? As I mentioned in the 2/3 post, we're expanding vegetarian options as we get closer to summer, and are introducing a Curried Tofu Salad Sandwich.

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